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Thorndike, ME
United States


100 Day Project

Little House, Lots Of Nature

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: Cloudy morning, turned warm and sunny with temps in the low 70’s

Observation: As I pulled back into the driveway after running to our Beth’s Farm Market (a gem we are so lucky to have close by), I sat my basket down to admire our home nestled into the earth surrounded by trees and a gorgeous blue sky. I must also call special attention to the mix of puffy clouds and long wispy clouds dancing a swaying above. 


Raindrops On Water

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Hidden Valley Nature Center, Jefferson, Maine

Weather: drizzly turned to rain, temps dropped into low to mid 50s

Observation: I paused during my run today to look out at the water and gather my breath. When I looked down and texture and rhythm of the drops hitting the water grabbed my attention. When I get out to be in nature, it always has something new to show me. 


Window Into The World

Jlynn Frazier


Location: RT. 17, Maine

Weather: 60’s and sunny

Observation:  Today in my world of #100daysofnaturefieldnotes... Creating windows into the world of nature. 


Summer Solstice

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Washington Pond, Maine

Weather: 60’s, mix of sun and clouds

Observation:  Good morning, Maine! Thrilled to be here, welcoming the energy of summer solstice. Each turn of a new season or a new cycle of life is worth pausing to celebrate. Today, I’m soaking up this moment and expanding the power of the earth’s energy through the vibes of my wild creative self. 


Connecting To The Earth And Each Other

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: Sunshine and mid 70s

Observation:  Oh, that (almost) summer sun. Tomorrow is the celebration of summer solstice. After a bit of a bumpy spring, a family walk in the woods felt mighty fine. A time I cherish to connect to the earth and each other. Nothing fills me up like stepping away from the noise of the external world and into the wisdom whispering throughout the forest. 


Spring to Summer

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Washington Pond, Washington, Maine

Weather: mid 60’s this morning and tons of sun to kick off the day. 

Observation:  A quiet moment by the water feeds the entire day with good energy vibes. It’s beginning to feel like the transition from spring to summer is in overdrive mode this week.


Fragrant Ferns

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: Muggy, cloudy, with a chance of thundershowers

Obervation:  Today’s rain and humidity made for a steamy evening walk. The ferns were in such glory, emitting strong sweet fragrances throughout the forest. We brushed up against the ferns as we passed getting wet from the rain drops left behind from an afternoon shower.  



Lupines and Buttercups

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Liberty, Maine

Weather:  mid 70’s, sunny with a late afternoon breeze

Observation:  A lovely patch of lupines looped in and among a field of buttercups flowers and tall grasses. 


Wild Creative

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: Sunny and low to mid 80s, felt fabulously warm... almost like summer is just around the corner. Oh yeah, it is! 😃 

Observations:  Soaking in a new book (which I highly recommend), soaking in the sunshine, and soaking in the clouds, sky and trees. Oh there nature goes again, reminding me of all the beauty and kindling the wonder and possibilities that has been a bit submerged somewhere within me.


Look Up, Look Out

Jlynn Frazier


Location:  Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather:  Sunny, Cool morning with a taste of the warmth to come

Observation: It was one of those mornings that was just delightful. A morning walk in the woods to center myself and wrap myself up in the beauty of home. With the pups by my side, we look up at the green leaves and out at the sun rising, welcoming us to a new day. Each day, another chance. Each day, another beginning!



Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather. Mid 70’s, tons of sun with a light breeze

Observation:  Looking out from the hammock soaking in every ounce of the beautiful morning at home. I looked below to see Jared lounging under me flancked by the dogs. Oh, the simple things!

Birds chirped happily, chipmunks scurried to and fro (putting our pup Sprout into a tizzy), and monarch butterflies swooped and twirled. One monarch butterfly in particular visited me several times while I mowed the lawn. A sign that where I am is right where I need to be. After a scary, difficult week the beauty and ease of a day like today does the body, mind, and soul so much nourishment.


Sunshine Saturday

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: Sunshine in full bloom today! Warm, even early this morning will hit mid 70’s or so

Observation:  Up early, dogs fed, and I sink into the hammock to soak in the quiet, sunshine filled morning. Feeling quiet, but no it’s not quiet. The winds rustle the leaves on the treetops. The birds chirp and sing. I imagine they, like us, are talking about what to eat on such a lovely morning. A few bugs bizzing around, one landing on the page of my book. I am here, a human, being. Feeling the creative energy emerge and I put pen to paper once more.


Simplest Of Things

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather:  cloudy morning, turns to sunny afternoon, passing 70!

Observation: Walking along, admiring the texture wrapped up in the simplest of things in the world around me. 


Walk With Me

Jlynn Frazier


Location:  Unity College, Unity, Maine

Weather:  60’s, Overcast and breezy with a few moments where the sunshine just couldn’t help but break through

Observation:  Take a step, walk with me. Let all that has been, be what it has to be. Here and now we move along, the beginning of a new, favorite song. The butterfly brushes against my skin to say hello with a wink, a grin. A sign that I am on the right path and that to feel sad is alright, it will pass. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about people meeting people where they are at, rather than trying to get them to be where you are or where you want them to be. Perhaps if we listened more and began with a narrative rather than a number, we could move along on the path individually and in many ways collectively with more love and ease. I think we would all be better for it. 


Raindrop Jewels

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: Overcast and cool with an occasional shower or two

Observation: A field of green ferns really pops when the skies are overcast. They were also flaunting, raindrop jewels.


Weathering The Storm

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: 52 degrees, cool and overcast

Observation:  Nature beautifully delicate, wild and free.


Rain, Wash Away

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: A cool, rainy day in the 50’s

Observation:  Come with me for a walk in the forest. Let the rain poor down on us, wash away all that is not so that we can realign with all that is. 


Pink Lady’s Slipper

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: 70’s, tons of sun, and a light cool breeze

Observation: Pink Lady’s-slipper (Cypripedium acaule) are one of four species of Lady Slippers found in Maine. Though this is one of the common ones, I have seen just a few along my meandering walks in the woods behind our house. The understory of our backyard is a mix of dry, woods and boggy areas. Just the right environment for a scattering of these beauties whose appearance is brief likely disappearing by end of June.


Evening Light

Jlynn Frazier


Location:  Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather: mid to high 70’s, summers presence shall soon be upon us

Observation: Choosing to stand and honor the light this evening.


Reflect Upon Each Other

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Washington, Maine

Weather: a deceivingly warm morning due to the humidity, even though the thermometer read mid 50’s

Observation:  On my way to work I didnt have a lot of time to spare but I found a few. Because even a minute or two spent following curiosities is worth it. Every single time. 

It was the reflection of the clouds in the water that caught my attention and I whipped my head back to catch a glimpse as I passed by. So I pulled the car over deciding I could spare a moment or two and stood watching the clouds and stream reflect upon one another.