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Thorndike, ME
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100 Day Project

Puddle Runner

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Trails at Home, Washington, Maine

Weather: Moderately to very rainy except for when we were running. 

Observation: I sent an afternoon text to Jared asking if he wanted to get out on the trail with me after work. His response “Sure!” So a left a bit early and bounded for home. The day was filled with moderately rainy to hard and rainy moments. For some reason it just hit me and the trail was calling to me. I love to run in the rain, especially on trails. The saturated greens and browns, the mud and puddles, and the intensified aroma of the forest. 

As I made my way over the bumpy route toward home, the gray rainy weather broke. It was getting brighter and brighter, the temperature was rising, and I saw some blue skies with puffy white clouds. 

Today was our first day spring of trail running together. Awe, spring in Maine. The start of each season breathes new energy into me.

We bounded out of the house and onto the trail. Jumping over branches and brush and splashing through several awesome puddles. 

The blue skies faded and it got darker and stormy looking as we went. A light rain started falling, and as we made our final trek towards home, I could hear thunder rumbling nearby. Not long after we returned home the sky opened up into a downpour. 

The timing had been just right. Just the two of us running wild and free with two very happy pups.  



Jlynn Frazier


Location: Sandy Stream, Unity, Maine

Weather: overcast turned to a mist and increasing to a light rain as I made my way along a lunchtime run. 

Observation: I though about stopping this project when I hit 25 today. At least that was the conversation that went through my head. I mean 25 is a good number! I was thinkging that perhaps the photos are silly, or too frequent, and perhaps not really interesting enough.  It my best. Then I thought, who are they not interesting enough for? It’s interesting to me, observing nature everyday no matter where I am or what life throws at me matters to me.

This project is rekindling my joy for being open and on the lookout for what catches my eye. It gets me out the door for a run, or to stop the car and soak in a moment that I might not otherwise stop for. It gets me to slow down, even if just for a minute to see, feel, smell, touch, and taste the moment.

And this is reason enough to continue the project. In fact that was why I am doing the 100 Day Project this year on #100daysofnaturefieldnotes. Keeping it simple by capturing an image (or images), editing them, and then blogging about what I am seeing and tracking the weather all on my Iphone. 


Not Enough Sticks

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Home, Washington, Maine

Weather: cool morning in the 30’s with lots of sun brought warm temps of 65 to dare I suggest 70! At the height of the day.

Observation: We don’t seem to have enough sticks for everyone. At least if you are going to share a stick you pick a big branch type of stick. Also, looking up at blue ripples in the sky above with leafless trees bring me simple pleasure at the end of the work day. 


Vernal Pool

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Home, Washington, Maine

Weather:  high 50’s and the sun was bringing the heat. Blue sky and a crisp, clear night. 

Observation:  All of our snow is just about gone. With nothing more than a final thin layer of ice, a verbal pool appears in our woods. I climbed through the brush to get a closer look and the pups enjoyed a sip of water, a quick dip, and of course a round of fetch the stick. 

Whether moving fast or moving slow, nothing makes me happier than time spend basking in nature’s beauty.  


Earth Day

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Home, Washington, Maine

Weather: full on sunshine, blue skies, mid to high fifties, the spring day I’ve been waiting for

Observation: This has been on my mind, and so I thought Earth Day was a really good day to talk about it. I had given myself credit for my meticulous recycling, sorting, breaking down, removing labels, etc. We compost and try to be conscious of the choices we make and reflective too. I must admit that I have not been listening and paying enough attention. So, I was blindly thinking that I was doing my part. Well, this week I went to our transfer station and was startled by this sign that read “no mixed plastic” throw it in the trash. They are only taking #2 plastic and most plastic is NOT #2. I was heart brokered and when I inquired one of the workers said that they can’t deal with it because it’s not worth anything now that China won’t take it and deal with it for us.

The earth is paying a huge price and we are part of the earth so this idea that ‘we are not going to deal with it’ that it’s ‘not worth anything’ is incomprehensible to me. At least they have a sign. I understand other places are taking the plastic here in Maine and then just trashing it on the back end. The sign should read “Almost of the plastic you cleaned and sorted is going into the landfill. This will take more than 400 years to decompose. Please stop using as much plastic as possible. Much of this plastics is sitting in the ground and being dumped in the Ocean. We are all responsible to do what we can. You can reduce plastics, and should immediately.” Also, dear Whole Foods, Hannaford, Trader Joe’s. Stop putting food in plastic containers. And plastic grocery bags are everywhere! We have to make changes, now, big actions and small!

The spring weather today felt amazing. We made our way back home together as a family and explored along our property and stopped to admire the marshy bog. I only hope I can lessen my footprint and do what I can to protect our wild places. From the far off wonders to my backyard. The closer we are connected to the earth, the closer we are to understanding how much we are a part of and responsible for its care. Because caring for the earth is caring for each other.  


River Looks Ready

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Kenduskeag River, Bangor, Maine

Weather: mid to high 40s. Passing showers and a few moments of warm, glorious sunshine mixed in. Felt so, so good! 

Observation: Tomorrow is the Kenduskeag Canoe Race and one of my (well our) favorite days of the year! The river is running decently high and I’m pumped to take our new Old Town Canoe for a ride! I drove along the river with my dad today and this spot is from just after the final portage. It looks like we will definitely be moving and shaking! Oh la la, white water is so beautiful.


Preparing Fields

Jlynn Frazier


Location: In/near Windsor, Maine

Weather: mid to high 40’s with lots of clouds. Only a few sprinkles, even though the clouds suggest otherwise

Observations: Fields are being prepared and early crops are down and covered. Now, we just need some sun to go with all of this rain.  


Hunting Snow

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Home, Washington, Maine

Weather: 40’s mostly cloudy with late afternoon  

Observation:  After the rain, finding snow is getting quite a bit more difficult. I went on a long, glorious walk in the woods with the pups and we found a few patches of the white stuff. James wasted no time rolling and digging, playing in what may be the last few days of snow in our woods.  


Awakening Waters

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Route 17, headed home

Weather: low 40’s, clouds with slivers opening to show a hint of blue sky above

Observation:  There are no more snow banks after a ton of rain fell yesterday and last night. By this, I really mean an inch or so. The day began wet and foggy and a mix of thick overcast of clouds and showers during the day. But as the days light was winding down, the clouds softened a little and slivers of blue sky appeared. The waterways are In mixed transitional stages. Here, the water is gaining ground along the banks but still quite a ways to go. Change happens so fast this time of year so I have been keeping my eyes pealed so I can savor every moment of the landscape awakening from a long winters nap.


Art and Science

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Home, Washington, ME

Weather: light to moderate to hard rain.  

Observation:  There really is an art and a science to cutting down trees. After being away, nothing brings me more joy than a walk in the woods with Jared and our pups. He told me about the hinge he cut before continuing to bring the tree down right where he said he would. One of the many things his father taught him was how to observe trees and bring them down safely when it is time. Our forest has quite a bit that is dead, so brining down what we can to make room for new growth. It’s fun that my #100dayproject overlaps with Jared’s today. The rain poured and we made our way along the loop. Spout running wild and free and James carrying a blue squeaking rubber pig that served as his ball. I was happy to oblige and toss it for him.