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Washington, ME
United States


Let Your Mind Run

100 Day Project (2018)

Let Your Mind Run

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Maine to Seattle

Weather: Foggy and the twenties on the east coast (Maine) and fifties and rainy on the west coast (Seattle).

Observation: Making my way from Maine to Seattle today meant spending a lot of time sitting down and gazing out the window. So if I can’t be running or moving around much, I opted to listen to Deena Kastor’s new book Let Your Mind Run and enjoy the skyline. As I got closer to Seattle the skies darkened. Once I was back on the ground, I am welcomed by the rain. A typical spring welcome. It may be wet, but it feels warm and travels went well. Getting a chance to fly so high often provides a moment of awe. Today was another one of those times. I mean, to see the clouds and the landscape in a way that I don’t get to see everyday. Soaking in the moment to gaze out and watch the clouds shift and change with 150-200 of my best friends.