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Washington, ME
United States


100 Day Project (2018)

Earth Day

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Home, Washington, Maine

Weather: full on sunshine, blue skies, mid to high fifties, the spring day I’ve been waiting for

Observation: This has been on my mind, and so I thought Earth Day was a really good day to talk about it. I had given myself credit for my meticulous recycling, sorting, breaking down, removing labels, etc. We compost and try to be conscious of the choices we make and reflective too. I must admit that I have not been listening and paying enough attention. So, I was blindly thinking that I was doing my part. Well, this week I went to our transfer station and was startled by this sign that read “no mixed plastic” throw it in the trash. They are only taking #2 plastic and most plastic is NOT #2. I was heart brokered and when I inquired one of the workers said that they can’t deal with it because it’s not worth anything now that China won’t take it and deal with it for us.

The earth is paying a huge price and we are part of the earth so this idea that ‘we are not going to deal with it’ that it’s ‘not worth anything’ is incomprehensible to me. At least they have a sign. I understand other places are taking the plastic here in Maine and then just trashing it on the back end. The sign should read “Almost of the plastic you cleaned and sorted is going into the landfill. This will take more than 400 years to decompose. Please stop using as much plastic as possible. Much of this plastics is sitting in the ground and being dumped in the Ocean. We are all responsible to do what we can. You can reduce plastics, and should immediately.” Also, dear Whole Foods, Hannaford, Trader Joe’s. Stop putting food in plastic containers. And plastic grocery bags are everywhere! We have to make changes, now, big actions and small!

The spring weather today felt amazing. We made our way back home together as a family and explored along our property and stopped to admire the marshy bog. I only hope I can lessen my footprint and do what I can to protect our wild places. From the far off wonders to my backyard. The closer we are connected to the earth, the closer we are to understanding how much we are a part of and responsible for its care. Because caring for the earth is caring for each other.