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Washington, ME
United States


100 Day Project (2018)

Fishing Pole and Pink Rubber Boots

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Liberty, Maine

Weather: About 40, overcast with increasing dark clouds. 

Observation:  I turned the corner to see a father (or uncle or friend) and daughter heading down to a quiet section of Lake St. George. I have been watching and this might be the first day that it is all open water at this location. I slowed and pulled my car off to the side of the road to go and take a peek.  The sun sinking, clouds emerging, and I a girl out rocking it with her fishing pole with her pink rubber boots. I can’t be certain, but I would guess this might be the first fishing trip of the season. Since these are my field notes, let’s say that it is! Just a quick moment, but the memories of outdoor adventures are worth cherishing. I was glad to be there to see this moment. Not to mention the clouds!