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Washington, ME
United States


100 Day Project (2018)

Swimming Beaver

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Half Moon Stream, not quite sure if it was Thorndike or Unity

Weather: Overcast and cloudy, made way for late afternoon sun, blue skies, and those big white puffy clouds I love.

Observation: With all the rain we had the last couple of days, Half Moon Stream was high enough to run. Yahoo! Time to get our canoeing on. We were the only paddlers out there and it’s always so sweet when we have a beautiful spot all to ourselves. We paddled through a few fun white water sections (one in particular I hadn’t been back to since a kayaking incident), climbed trees, saw budding trees and the first signs of skunk cabbage along the river bank. And of course the rope swing we took turns on. Yes, the water is super cold but fortunately we have dry suits. 

On the quieter sections we admired the liveliness all around us. A grey and white speckled hawk swooped about. Blue birds and wood peckers. A bald eagle which is always a treat graced us with its presence. My favorite would be the beaver. We saw signs of busy beavers eating away at trees along the river banks all morning. All of a sudden something big caught my eye skirting out from under the canoe. At first I though it must be a fish or a turtle, but it was big and it had a trail. It was a beaver!! I tried to follow it with my eyes as we pulled over to the side of the river a short ways ahead. I didn’t want to startle or disturb it, but I was hoping for a chance to see it pop it’s head up out of the water. I didn’t see it again. I was astonished to see how big, yet gracefully it was crossing the river.