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Washington, ME
United States


100 Day Project (2018)

Puddle Runner

Jlynn Frazier


Location: Trails at Home, Washington, Maine

Weather: Moderately to very rainy except for when we were running. 

Observation: I sent an afternoon text to Jared asking if he wanted to get out on the trail with me after work. His response “Sure!” So a left a bit early and bounded for home. The day was filled with moderately rainy to hard and rainy moments. For some reason it just hit me and the trail was calling to me. I love to run in the rain, especially on trails. The saturated greens and browns, the mud and puddles, and the intensified aroma of the forest. 

As I made my way over the bumpy route toward home, the gray rainy weather broke. It was getting brighter and brighter, the temperature was rising, and I saw some blue skies with puffy white clouds. 

Today was our first day spring of trail running together. Awe, spring in Maine. The start of each season breathes new energy into me.

We bounded out of the house and onto the trail. Jumping over branches and brush and splashing through several awesome puddles. 

The blue skies faded and it got darker and stormy looking as we went. A light rain started falling, and as we made our final trek towards home, I could hear thunder rumbling nearby. Not long after we returned home the sky opened up into a downpour. 

The timing had been just right. Just the two of us running wild and free with two very happy pups.