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Washington, ME
United States


100 Day Project (2018)

Snow Falling Creatures

Jlynn Frazier


Location:  Unity to Liberty, Maine

Weather:  Cold morning, bright sun and windy turned to snow. 

Observation:   Today was quite the day for creatures. A deer sprinting across the road in front of me. Luckily far enough in the distance to keep us both safe. And I cannot be certain, but I think the white, waddling bird I saw mid day was an albino turkey. I don’t know for sure but that is certainly what it looked like to me. It’s my observation, my story, and so albino turkey it is. 

And the boy with his dog. A black dog stood in the middle of the road, his human 12 perhaps stood to the side trying to wave him out of harms way. I came to a complete stop on the bumpy, curvy fast moving ways of route 220. We all just looked at each other, then the dog moved on the opposite side of the street as the boy. Looking left to right because that is the way we read, you had dog, me sitting in my car, little boy. After a few moments we were all in a bit of a stalemate. So I slowly started moving again. As I peered back in the rear view the boy was still flailing his arms trying to get his dog home. 

Flashes in time. Just moments of my day. I think this is where the magic is. In the peculiar, random moments of life.

As my work day came to a close and I headed for home it really started to snow. Ah, that moment when the snow starts. One minute sun, the next clouds and a chaotic flurry of flakes. Frosted white snowflakes.  I remember looking up from behind my laptop standing work station and the snow was flying sideways. “It’s snowing” I exclaimed to a colleague downstairs. I know. It’s April in Maine. We are all craving the warm, sunny spring days. I am too. But I am loving every minute of the snow. Because it is April. What’s here right now, will likely be gone tomorrow or the next day.

Today I choose to make it a mini adventure to stand in the moment and be playful. Whenever I do this I have a blast no matter what. I mean It’s April in Maine. I stood in the middle of the road, snow dancing all around me. Ice cream cone from Johns in one hand (end of week splurge) and my camera phone in the other. Laughing, snow accumulating on my hair and clothes. My love is out with friends for the evening, and I took the long way home.