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Washington, ME
United States


100 Day Project (2018)


Jlynn Frazier


Location: Oneonta, NY

Weather: 50’s and rain

Observation: Ground hogs can run pretty darn quick! I had to laugh watching ground hogs at two separate times run for dear life as I ran nearby. They look rather uncomfortable running but a ground hogs gotta do what a ground hogs gotta do.

Sometimes deer don’t run away from me. So this deer likely lives and feeds off the neighbors so it probably had nothing to do with me, but I still think we had a moment. We both paused and gazed into each others eyes before going our separate ways.

I was reminded yet again how easy it is to get lost. I have a bad case of misremembering paired with a knack for finding new trails and thinking they are the same as the one I was just on (or connected somehow). What can I say, I was swept up in the magic of today’s beautiful run and didn’t pay quite enough attention. I eventually took a trail out of the woods into the backyard of someone’s house, managed to get reception enough to use google maps, and successfully navigated back along neighborhood roads for two miles. And I loved every step of the runventure! 

BTW: Today’s Day 50 of the 100 Day Project! I am feeling a mid project reflection on the horizon!