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Washington, ME
United States


100 Day Project (2018)


Jlynn Frazier


Location: Homebase, Washington, Maine

Weather. Mid 70’s, tons of sun with a light breeze

Observation:  Looking out from the hammock soaking in every ounce of the beautiful morning at home. I looked below to see Jared lounging under me flancked by the dogs. Oh, the simple things!

Birds chirped happily, chipmunks scurried to and fro (putting our pup Sprout into a tizzy), and monarch butterflies swooped and twirled. One monarch butterfly in particular visited me several times while I mowed the lawn. A sign that where I am is right where I need to be. After a scary, difficult week the beauty and ease of a day like today does the body, mind, and soul so much nourishment.