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Washington, ME
United States


100 Day Project (2018)

Walk With Me

Jlynn Frazier


Location:  Unity College, Unity, Maine

Weather:  60’s, Overcast and breezy with a few moments where the sunshine just couldn’t help but break through

Observation:  Take a step, walk with me. Let all that has been, be what it has to be. Here and now we move along, the beginning of a new, favorite song. The butterfly brushes against my skin to say hello with a wink, a grin. A sign that I am on the right path and that to feel sad is alright, it will pass. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about people meeting people where they are at, rather than trying to get them to be where you are or where you want them to be. Perhaps if we listened more and began with a narrative rather than a number, we could move along on the path individually and in many ways collectively with more love and ease. I think we would all be better for it.