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Washington, ME
United States


100 Day Project (2019)


What if …

What if I brought together my desire to write and the 100 day project?

What if I made the 100 day project my daily appointment to have my work out on the page?

I remembered three important reasons I love being a part of this project: the community, the commitment to creating every day, and the awe and curiosity to see a body of work at the end of 100 days. Because that is a really good amount of time to dig in and dig deep into a process.

I asked what if I wrote for 100 days and that seemed too vague. So I decided I would need to be specific. What about 500 words? It just sort of came to me.


I’ve set no specific expectation that it be ready to print. In fact, I’ve given myself permission to write as rough and raw as it comes out. Because the point is to get it down onto the page. I’ve been writing a lot in a sporadically emerging sort of way. I think the next 100 days will help to find clarity and I’m bound to learn a lot about what it is I really want to say.

My 2019 project will be #100daysoftruthtellingbyjlynn