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— Jlynn's Adventure Definition

Adventure is really for everyone and something I really believe needs to be more of a focus in life. My focus is on outdoor adventures and an outdoor adventure lifestyle, but adventures can take many other forms too. Central to everything is the idea in and value of experiences over things. It is within these moments individually and collectively that write our life stories and will be moment to cherish long after (trust me even the ones that did not go smoothly). 

We hear about the epic adventures (which I love too) but adventure can be found and explored for each and every person. For me it really is a way of being and seeing the world and it requires a certain attitude and approach to experiences beyond the routine of everyday living. Whether close to home here in Maine or traveling abroad, I really enjoy the simplicity of choosing a general direction and then hitting the road and letting the days activities unfold. 

Here is a short list of adventure ideas that are part of my adventure lifestyle:  

  • Microadventures often require very little planning and is a type of adventure everyone can do. If you work an "8 to 5" like I do, remember there is a "5 to 9" waiting for you everyday. 
  • Backyard adventures is a great way to explore your yard and town/city. Here it really is about attitude and the willingness to wander and see what you find in the moment. The days are unique, the light and clouds shift and change, and each season brings a new variety for exploration. 
  • Day Trip adventures are usually within an hour or two from home (3 hours is typically my limit, though for a long epic kind of day longer is also possible). National parks, state parks, gardens, or local trails are great ideas. Live in the city? How about walking out your front door and walking to explore a new area, visit a museum, or sit in a new local cafe and read a book.
  • Epic adventures are defined by the individual (or group) but are a challenge that happens less frequently as it is "epic" and often requires more training and planning. Epic adventures stretch what is possible and push you beyond what a typical adventure might be. For me, I have relaxed day adventures where I wander and photograph a new place or one of many places that I return to often. But, an epic adventure for me might be hiking not just one mountain but a range of mountains in a day. I think what makes an adventure epic is the challenge presented by the constraints you put on yourself to give yourself a good challenge. 
  • Travel adventures can mean many different things depending on how "close to home" you are. For some, leaving their county or state would be a travel adventure. For me, travel adventures are usually to states outside of Maine with a heavy focus on traveling abroad. 
  • Running adventures just had to be included. Running is one of my great joys and so I include running adventures as a possibility to run new paths and explore new areas on foot. Could be walking, biking, hiking, etc. 

This list is not meant to be encompassing, but should help to get you thinking about going on adventures. Do you typically do day trips? Try a weekend trip and go a little further. Or spend time wandering and exploring where you live. You might ask yourself:

  • What types of adventures would I add or change as part of my list? 
  • What types of adventures are currently part of (or would I like to make part of) my everyday life?