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Thorndike, ME
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Day 50 of #The100DayProject

Jlynn Frazier

Day 50! Wow, it's hard to believe that I am halfway there already. The first image is my 50th image along with a small selection of images captured over the first half of the project. 

Whoa, we’re half way there
Whoa, livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand and we’ll make it - I swear
Whoa, livin’ on a prayer
— Bon Jovi

But first, I thought I would share three thoughts about what I have observed so far in this project:

  • It is easier than I thought it would be. Let me explain. Back in April when the project began, I decided to do this project. So far it seems that having made that decision and committed to this helped tremendously. Each day I do not think about whether or not I am going to make an image. I know that I am going to create and post on Instagram. It is just a matter of when and where.
  • I really can do this. Having now reached the halfway point I am thrilled to have made it this far. I am not sure why exactly but I questioned whether I could do this for 100 days, would want to do this for 100 days and whether I could find joy in the process for 100 days. So far so good. 
  • I do need to give myself pep talks. Some days I am happy with the images I create. Some days are okay. Then there are the few days that I have just failed. By failed I mean that an image was very underexposed or just did not come out at all as I had hoped. The first "failed" image I posted was really tough. I thought about just calling it quits or skipping a day. But I made the commitment and said, nope. Committing to this project was about the process and that means showing an image every day, even if you think it is awful. The project is about creating, learning, and growing. As I said at the beginning it is about letting go of perfection and expectation and focusing on the daily joy of the process.  And yes, I am finding great joy in this process!

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I Am Joining #The100DayProject

Jlynn Frazier

About #The100DayProject

#The100DayProject is about the process of creating. It's about choosing an action that you will show up for everyday, make something new, and then most importantly ship it out into the world (via Instagram). No time for procrastination or perfection! (Want to know more? Check out: Everything you need to know about #The100DayProject or this piece by Elle from last year on The Great Discontent

My project

My motto for the year has been 'nourish to thrive' and I have been falling pretty short on consistently doing the things I know I need to do. It happens, but it was time to hit the re-start button. Spring is here in Maine (well almost) and it is time to ramp up the time I commit to outdoor play and moving my body. When I do this, I know life just flows and I have energy and space to create.

When information starting swirling on my feed about the next round of #The100DayProject, I decided this was just what I must do. Then the questions began. Can I really commit to this? Is now really the right time? What would my project be?

Photography is typically my medium of choice, but saying that I would take a picture everyday did not feel body centric enough to me. It also was not getting me very excited. It was feeling like more of the same, a same that was not really working for me at the moment. I wanted simple and physical. I wanted my project to feed my craving to slow down, move and create in the natural world, reconnect to the simple pleasures of life. Words like body, space, movement, create, outdoors, minimal, and raw were bouncing around. 

Then, like most things, when I was not really focused on thinking about it, it clicked. See if I can find film for my Polaroid 360! Last I had heard the film was likely being discontinued. I was thrilled to find that film was available. I had my project! 

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Medium: Polaroid 360 Land Camera and Fujifilm100c Professional Film
Maker: Me, #bodymoving and making outside, everyday April 4 - July 12
Motto: Nourish to Thrive

Standing Still

Jlynn Frazier

What did you do today, this week, and this month that mattered? Defining what matters is something that starts from within each of us. It is not something that we do once and never need to do again. Rather, it is an ongoing process that requires repeatedly asking ourselves 'what matters' in order to realign our focus and move forward to carry out the work we know we want to do. We need to do. We MUST do!

It's not easy work, but it is worth every minute of struggle. Why? Because once you declare your intentions you can focus your time, attention, and talent on doing what you need to do to make what matters most a part of your everyday.

I will admit I struggle with this at times as the ebbs and flows of life. I think the struggle is shared by many who strive to carve out time to do great work that brings meaning to your life and to the lives of those around you.

This time that I carve out for myself is what I call soulful work. I know that when I do soulful work, I am able to bring my best to all areas of my life. A big part of this soulful work is about taking care to nourish my mind, my body, and my curious spirit.

A quick trip to a nearby ridge was just what I needed to be still, to see the beauty of the earth, and to just enjoy being right where I am.