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Inspiration, Summer Reflection & Fall Forecast

Jlynn Frazier

I began the year thinking I would write a monthly recap and share what I’m working on, books i’ve enjoyed, and a few links that have inspired me. Well, that didn’t happen. Perhaps I’ll rethink this next year for something more seasonally. Now felt like a really good time to check in, a lots happened. And as life goes its been a mix of good and not so good moments for me personally and for the world.

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Summer Recap: Celebrations, Creativity, & Connection

Welcome Fall

You may call it fall, fourth quarter, the season of color, sweater weather, or the season before the snow comes. I’ve been loving the beauty and vibrancy of colors. I’ve been running and hiking to soak in as much as possible.

Its been an emotionally charged time here in the US (and around the world). I feel it too. My remedy is to focus on what matters most and that begins by taking care of myself. Only once we care for ourselves can we care for others. And so many need your love and kindness.

If you’ve been rocking it, awesome! If its not been a great time for you, don’t lose hope. As I always say, remember that today is a new day (and a new season) to begin again. 

As I have mentioned at the beginning of the year, I no longer set new years resolutions. I am, however, a big believer in doing work that matters. Ive been slowly working on a new photography book and doing a lot of writing too. As much as I want to put it all together into one piece, I think its going to be two separate, connected projects. I’m pushing hard to have the photography book, my first Maine photography book out as an ebook before the holidays. I’ll share more soon on Instagram, so follow me @jlynnfrazier .

To wrap this up, I leave you with Strala Yoga’s recipe for when you are lost.

Slow down. Slow down a bit more. Sway a bit until you find your perfect centered place. Let yourself settle. Notice. In your stillness notice the action. Happening on the inside. Soften. Take a big inhale. Long exhale. Settle here. Welcome back.
— Strala Yoga

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Hold Space For Each Other. Create Art.

Jlynn Frazier

Do you want to know what the first sentence I wrote was? “I apologize for such a political post…” YIKES! No apologies for being who I am and speaking about what matters to me. Because using our voice matters. Sharing our stories matters. Standing tall, mustering all of the courage we have to unapologetically and unwaveringly demand to be treated with love and respect.

I, like so many, have been heartbroken by the events last week. In short, here is what I saw. I watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford courageously stand up and speak her truth. I saw a room filled with white men, angry, bullying, and refusing to hear the words, acknowledge the hurt, and see the story unfolding. I saw Brett Kavanaugh continue to lie under oath, miss lead in his statements, and his confrontational, angry demeanor. I watched as President Trump mocked her, mocked violence against women in this country, and belittle women’s experiences of sexual assault. I watched Maine Senator Susan Collins stand back, choose not to speak up for the inappropriate behavior in the hearings and the rallies. And then Susan Collins voted for him. I saw ugly displays of power over others, oppression, and I heard a language of hate.

I watch our country as angry and as divided as ever. We can do better. We must do better. How divided we are is our choice. Each and every one of us needs to decide who they want to be. Movements like #metoo and #blacklivesmatter emerge for a reason. We don’t have to agree with one another. But we need to love and respect and take care of each other. We must stand up when basic human rights are not protected.

I’m holding space for myself and for everyone who has a story to tell. Your voice is needed. Your experience is valid. I continue to stand with you. I carry my own stories of sexual assault, harassment, threat of violence, unwanted touching, and a few very scary close calls.

Where and how to share our experiences of sexual assault, harassment, and violation of our right to occupy space without harm is for each of us to decide. We must hold space for each other and create art. We must continue to encourage all voices to speak out again violence. Like so many women, Connie Chung powerfully shared her story in the Washington Post. I echo her words that “we remember the truth forever.” A website has emerged at that boldly states We Believe Survivors and provides like to National Sexual Violence Resources Centers. I watched my Instagram feed filled with words of support, encouragement, and art.

My call to action is to join me. Commit to holding space for each other. Commit to sharing your stories. Commit to courage. Commit to being a truth teller, a truth seeker. Commit to creating art. Commit to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all that is free of oppression.

Created by the talented Shadow Monster Bear based in LA. Follow her on Instagram  @shadowmonsterbear  or her  website .

Created by the talented Shadow Monster Bear based in LA. Follow her on Instagram @shadowmonsterbear or her website.

Stroke of Color

Jlynn Frazier

I am beginning to see patches and sprinkles of fall’s color palette. A small patch of crimson among the full, bushy green vegetation. The trees with tops, the very tippy tops a brilliant orange. I imagine Mother Nature woke up this morning, said “it’s time to create” and got to work. With confidence, ease, and grace she dipped her paint brush in the paint bucket, covering her brush with a mostly orange with a tinge of yellow. She took a deep breath and made a sweeping stroke of color across the tree tops. Soft and subtle. Like a light breeze kissing the trees.


With fall just a week away, she signals to the trees that changes are near. “Prepare for the transformation” she calls out far and wide. No matter how old I get, the transition of the each season leaves me enraptured in how beautiful the moment is. And that’s life isn’t it? A series of moments strung together like beads on a wire. I love every chance I have to soak it in and tell its story. A process of collaboration and co-creation with Mother Nature.