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Consume Experiences: Bitten by curiosity

Jlynn Frazier

I returned from Iceland in mid-October and came across Erinne Magee’s poem Bitten. I saw myself and my recent two week trip in Iceland weaving in, through, and around the words. I spent two weeks with Jared hitting the road with a general goal: cover the Ring Road and have an epic adventure. Each morning we awoke in the back of our little white van, toppled into the front seats, cranked the heat to take off the chill, and set out anew each day to see where our sense of curiosity would lead. A feeling of home and comfort on the road in Iceland as I have found exploring my home state of Maine, USA. 

By: Erinne Magee
(Re-published from Fifteen Second Poet with permission)

Direction is meant
to guide us ... but
what if getting lost
feels more like home
than the dots
on a map do?
Maybe we need to stop
yearning to be anchored
and realize there isn’t
a compass in the world
that will keep us from
the unmarked trails or
city lights;
the uncombed beaches or
bumpy roads ...
we are the seekers of stars
and gatherers of light.
We go to learn and
we come back to rest...
Direction is for those
whose shoes
aren’t yet laced
with Wanderlust.
— Erinne Magee
Ring Road in Iceland October 2015

Ring Road in Iceland
October 2015





Pathways & Possibilities: Give it a Try

Jlynn Frazier

Last week I mentioned that I am moving. In the past I have donated items, but I had two big ticket items I decided to try and sell. I have never been so frustrated than I have been trying to do this as I have dealt with people not paying for items, sending fraudulent checks with silly demands, or saying that they wanted to buy something then deciding that they do not have the money or no longer want it at the last minute. It's OK though. I learned a lot through the process. One of the things I learned is that it is much easier and fulfilling to just give items away to friends and family who want them. So that is what I am doing. And the rest I will just donate.

Moving is a process and each time I get rid of more and more stuff. I just look around and think... do I want to give this item any more of my time, energy, and money. If the answer is no, then out it goes. The things that matter are worth my time to pack and take care of. What do you think? Give it a try and I bet you will find a few things to get rid of.  

 I have been with more limited Internet than usual this week, but find I have survived just fine and even read more than my typical summer week. Here are a few of my favorite links for a little reading and imagery. It sure got my wheels turning and writing and I hope you find a nugget or two that resonate with you too. 

  • We have been starting to explore with video through the use of our GoPro. As someone who grew up near Acadia National Park and still enjoys the beauty of this park in all four seasons this short time lapse caught my attention. 


Big puffy white clouds along the AT while hiking the Bigelow Mountain Range. I love clouds!

Pathways & Possibilities: Van Living and Travel

Jlynn Frazier

Summer is flying by and I am loving every minute of it even though it is getting very busy. I must admit it is busier than I would like but it will pay off in the long run. I have been work on my kayak roll, which is a tough physical challenge. I think I dare say that I have got it down and can now work on improving my skills and hitting up a river to run later this month. This is very exciting since I have not been on the river since I got a bit banged up in the spring.

I am also in process of moving again (my third move in three years). With each move life becomes more simplified and I am headed down a great path so it is worth the short term work of it all. Don't want to move it- sell it or donate it! Works every time. 

Finally, I am headed to Iceland for 2 full weeks in October. Want to guess my accommodations? A van. I CANNOT WAIT! I have plan tickets books and reserved the van this week so the big financial planning/ reservation side of things is done. The rest can be emerging and will remain pretty fluid. I am not someone who likes to have a planned itinerary just a list of a few "must do's" with tons of room for random exploration and suggestions from locals I meet along the way. 

Here are a few of my favorite links that brought inspiration and thought to my week. Let me know what you think and send me links to what you have been reading and thinking about. I am always excited to hear from you!

  • I have made it through a third of the book and highly recommend for those who are looking to improve their creative process in photography. Why this book? It starts with questions he asks and questions to consider asking as work through listening to your inner beast telling you that 'something is there.' The book along with two companion pieces (a video and short pdf guide) is on sale through August 12 for $20. Find out more about the book here. 
  • I shared a more creative piece to accompany and image I captured this summer in a piece called Come and Sit With Me
  • Enjoyed watching the video The Wanderlust of #Vanlife. A great message about spending time together, getting out on the open road (and how van life isn't for everyone), and get thoughts for all those with kiddos.  
  • "You are The One. You are the only person in the world who can complete and fulfill you, and ensure your happiness. Everyone else is a potential, hopefully wonderful, addition to that fated situation. You are born complete, you die complete, and you decide whom you spend your time with in between." Read more in recent blog post The One by Colin Wright 
  • I was busy writing and updating my website this week. Check out a personal post on Family Moments and a few thoughts about why I Work to Live

Seeing a van parked in Acadia National Park, Maine feeds my wanderlust for #vanlife.