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Treetops and Transitions

Jlynn Frazier

September is one of those in-between months that I just love. It's a time to roll out of summer and get ready for fall. It feels like such a wonderful time of transition for me to clear away the accumulation of physical and mental clutter. A time to simplify and get clear on my intentions for the remainder of the year.

Gretchen Rubin, who writes about habits and happiness, has suggested that September is the new January. So as not to delay on making changes, I think each minute, hour, day, or week can be a great time to pause, take a deep breath, and redirect to a place of greater space and meaningful work. With that said, I agree with Gretchen that in the rhythm of life September is a time to get organized, simplify, and make any adjustments.  

Here is a sneak peek at what my September has included:

  • Taking a lot of walks in the woods. Nothing reminds me to connect and breathe quite like a walk among the trees. With my two adventure pups at my side, we have been taking in the various shades of greens along with the subtle, emerging yellows, oranges, and reds in our backyard. 
  • Drinking tea. I love tea and had gotten away from making it part of my everyday. I am back to drinking tea first thing in the morning. Sometimes a green tea, or mint, or pumpkin spice chia to really get the spirit of fall swirling around in my tummy.  
  • Getting organized. We just moved into our house in May and a number of things have not been used, or worn, or adding to life. So out the door they go! Another example is recycling. Between recycling and our compost bin we have very little trash and all these "recyclable items end up everywhere." I set up a series of bins to pre-sort in the way that we need put them at our local transfer station. Now it is easy to keep up with.
  •  Simplifying systemsI enjoy setting up the processes to make things flow in my life. Not as a way to restrict myself but as a way to free up time and space for what matters most.  I have also been re-configuring where and how I write and create. When I am using too many systems it complicates and prohibits doing what I want to do. I have been narrowing down and simplifying what works best for me this month and loving every minute of it. 
  •  Flowing into routines. Each season brings a shift in the flow of my routines. For some reason, summer is the toughest time. I think there is just a lot of fun things going on: events, late campfire evenings, and lot's and lots of get up and go (swimming, walking, hiking, paddling, general exploration). September has been a centering time to flow into a morning routine. Like drinking tea and writing first thing in the morning. I have also been getting back on my yoga mat and/or out in nature in the morning. These couple of things make a big difference in my day. This means I have been being very intentional about social media and email and do not look at either before 8 a.m. (and sometimes it's 9 or 10 even). It's a process that remains flexible and the key is just being really intentional about it. 

    September is going fast and autumn is officially beginning this week! I am sinking into a wonderful rhythm and flow and hope you are enjoying this time too. If September is not "your month" or things are just outta wack, I find just doing something today, no matter how small is all it takes.  

Emerging to the Surface

Jlynn Frazier

After taking some time off I am emerging again to reclaim this space as my online creative home base. I must admit I got a little sucked into the crazy amount of noise swirling around and I found myself drained of energy. I was running on empty and I said over dinner one night that if I read one more article on the 5, 10, or 50 things you should be doing right now with a focus on clicks rather than interesting content ... I was going to scream. So I said enough. It was time to take a step away from the noisy, pounding chatter. 

At first, I did a big cannon ball and sunk as far into the water as I could. I did not want to hear anything. I just wanted peace and quiet so that I could connect with my body, mind, and spirit. My energy was really low and it was time for some serious self-loving and care.  

So I took some time off to re-charge starting with SLEEP! As Arianna Huffington said about her recent book, "I studied, I met with medical doctors, scientists, and I’m here to tell you that the way to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is: getting enough sleep." (Read The Sleep Revolution)

During this time I did not feel like I had anything I wanted to share. It felt like something I thought I should do and I was stepping back from that. When I did share, I simplified my focus to three things that I was excited to do: sharing on Instagrama photo series countdown to the National Park Services 100th birthday, and minimally keeping up with my blog Wild for Adventure. That was it. 

Then when August came around I spent time just below the surface of the water where I could hear the muffled noises of the world but in a distant, unobtrusive sort of way. The more unplugging I did the more peaceful I felt. I wandered a lot in the woods behind our house with our pups. I drank lots of water, tea, and smoothies. I went swimming and slowly started running again while working through what may or may not be a foot injury. I swayed in a hammock and read a whole book in one sitting. I read a lot of books. I took a few naps. I scribbled away by putting pen to paper. I went to bed when I was tired. I visited with family, friends, and helped by lending a hand when I could. I put my toes in the sand. I watched and listened to nature. I settled into our new home. I went from resisting to accepting and then on to craving peacefulness.    

This summer was an amazing time for me to go more slowly and find my rhythm. Don't get me wrong I missed some of the epic, but my body physically couldn't do it in a joyful way until I was rested and injury free.  

Now I am floating on the surface of the water. My head is bobbing up for air when I want to hear great stories, see great content, engage in a meaningful way with people, places, and ideas. My head is sinking just below the surface where I can hear the muffled noises, unobtrusively moving about as I play, create, rest, laugh, write, and enjoying being right where I am.