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Thorndike, ME
United States



Adventure is a state of being and a vision for how I live my life. I have created this space to share my thoughts and ideas on how I live my adventure life here in Maine and beyond in the hopes that sharing my stories and photographs will encourage and inspire you to explore, play, create, simplify, and most importantly LIVE YOUR ADVENTURE LIFE. 


I have been sharing photographs and writing along the surface of the experiences that lead to the images I create. To really get to the crux of what matters to me, I realized that the central part of everything I do, how I live, and decide what matters, is based on my love for adventure experiences

I am really excited to share more of my ideas and passion for a variety of topics including: exploring the natural world, simplifying life to focus on what matters most, creative expression, and the possibilities for ways to get outside and live life in an active, playful way.  

In a world with so much noise, expectation, and consumerism, I see a world that needs more:

  • Play
  • Exploration
  • Creativity
  • Time off

I believe it is not just what you say but your actions that matter. Living my adventure life enables me to ask questions, challenge what is "normal", be curious, play, and create a simple life filled with what matters most to me. I hope this inspires you and gives you ideas that in turn get you started (or continuing) to adventure, be curious, wander, and ask questions that lead you to intentionally spend time on the people and activities that matter most.